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Honesty& Integrity
Healthy Living
Holistic Practices: For our animals and the land

Why Water Buffalo?

Simple ‘Everyone Wants A Water Buffalo!’ Brad grew up in the dairy farming world and after many years of managing a farm, we had dreams of starting our own farm where we could incorporate our values and vision for farming in a way that was redeeming to Agriculture. When we started our research, it didn’t take long to fall in love with these amazing animals that offered so many health benefits to their milk and meat. So the adventure began back in 2012 when we purchased our first 10 animals from Ontario Water Buffalo. This was the beginning of a loving relationship with these amazing gentle giants.

Why Tesfa?

Tesfa means hope in Amharic, the official language in Ethiopia. This is another area close to our hearts. 3 out of 6 of our children are adopted from Ethiopia, we have also spent time living and working with the people in Ethiopia and have a heart for this country. The word Hope is our first and foremost value of who we are and how we want to farm.

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