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Farm boy married a city girl, and we jumped right into things and went from 0-4 kids in 2.5 years through adoption and birth. We must have got bored, so we decided to add 10 Water Buffalo to our family in 2012. Now we are a family of 8, with a couple dogs and goats and a herd of about 100 Water Buffalo farming in the Fraser Valley.

Our growing family led us to seek high quality, honest food that would not only feed us but be sustaining to agriculture for future generations and help heal our bodies.

Our journey has also lead us to spend time living and working with the beautiful people in Ethiopia and on a recovery center in Canada. We have recognized that we are all touched by brokenness, whether is be in our physical bodies, our mental health, our relationships or our circumstances. We desire to be a farm that offers hope in our broken world, to bring healing to the land in the way we farm, to bring healing to bodies by providing high quality honest food, to offer hope to those that need connection with these beautiful animals, to educate with hope for our future, and hope to those in Ethiopia who are struggling to provide for their families.


Our heart and passion is to raise our animals well, and provide healthy, honest food, at the same time supporting those who need hope. We know that life’s journey can be difficult and full of unexpected challenges that is why we are excited to offer a digestible dairy product to many who cannot tolerate regular cows milk. We also partner with a few organizations in Ethiopia to help bring hope to the hungry and hurting.



Buffalo Brad loves his family most then come the buffalo..

Brad and BUff.jpg


She's creative, dynamic and has a huge heart for her family and is a foodie!!



Market manager and the one who keeps us organized!



She loves the buffalo!! AND ... She is a buffalo milker too!!

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