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Our Animals

We love being hands on and feel blessed to work with these amazing animals. We believe that having healthy and happy animals leads to more joy in farming and a higher quality product to offer our community. Our animals winter in the barn and spend the warm and dry season on pasture in the Fraser Valley. All our animals are grass fed. These gentle and curious animals challenge us and teach us new things everyday. We have come to a deeper appreciation of the animals that provide us with their nutritional milk and meat.



Water buffalo have been bred for centuries in Asia for high quality meat and dairy products - not to mention their willingness to plough fields and pull carts.
Water Buffalo  Bubalus bubalis

What do I like to eat?  I love fresh grass and herbs

Do you like to live alone or in a family? I will always choose to be with my herd (usually around 30)

How much do you weigh? I can weigh 1500-2600 lbs
How long do you live? Up to 25 years
How many Calves do you have? Usually 1 calf every other year, with a gestation of 10 months and 10 days

Did you know I love to spend my day submerged in the muddy water.
I have been used to help farm for over 2000 years.
I am actually  called the “living tractor of the East.”

IMG_3755 mud.jpg

These animals are milked in 6/7 continents

Produce 1/4 of the amount of milk a Holstein Dairy Cow does

Are used for therapy in Thailand

Love attention

20170610_140854 - my fav.jpg



The high fat content of water buffalo milk makes it excellent for cheese or ice cream making although it can present a problem in fresh milk as, without some degree of homogenisation, the fat will solidify on the top of the milk over a couple of days.  In taste terms buffalo milk is delicious - rich, creamy, smooth and mild. Buffalo cheeses, both soft and hard, have a long established reputation as a delicacy and buffalo ice cream is right up there with the best of the cheese.


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