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This pure white milk is a totally natural product that can be consumed more easily than many other milks.
An unfortunate sign of the times is the growing number of people who suffer from a cows milk allergy (cma). Cows milk predominately comes from the Holstein breed and this mik contains casein A1 which is hard for the body to digest. Water Buffalo Milk along with goat and sheep milk is 100% Casein A2. Our bodies more naturally digest A2. 


We are often asked why our milk and cheese is so white, well it is due to the fact that water buffalo milk does not contain significant amounts of carotene, resulting in its pearly white, nearly translucent appearance.

Many people who have struggled with dairy have had a positive experience with Water Buffalo milk products.

It’s also full of more calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and vitamins A, B (especially B-6 and B-12) and E. 

If your curious we invite you to come and try it out for yourself.

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